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The first EOSC-hub Week took place on 16-20 April 2018 in Malaga, Spain. The week will included two major events: a public day and an EOSC-hub "all hands" meeting open only to EOSC-hub partners. The public day (16-17 April) included participation from service providers, representatives of the research communities and policy makers engaged in the establishment of the European Open Science Cloud.

During the plenary Keynote, Augusto Burgueño Arjona, Head of the "eInfrastructure" Unit, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) described the Implementation Roadmap for the EOSC. The roadmap envisages a federating core (with EOSC-hub as main project) that provide access channel to horizontal services and a large number of research data infrastructures funded at EU, national and regional levels that connect to the core. AGINFRA+ is well positioned with partnership with key projects launched in January 2018 to develop the federating core (EOSC-hub, OpenAIRE) and with the eROSA initiative should become one of the research data infrastructures as the AGINFRA Cloud.

Services under the EOSC will be made accessible via an EOSC portal, based on the work developed by current projects (EOSC-hub, EOSCpilot, OpenAIRE and eInfraCentral) and further support planned in Horizon2020 for the EOSC portal. Registering AGINFRA+ services in the eInfraCentral is important to raise the awareness about the project and being ready to participate in the future EOSC portal.

This plenary session included also presentations on the EOSC-hub initiative and the future EOSC portal, where AGINFRA+ was also mentioned as a relevant community. AGINFRA+ was also featured as part of the community engagement activities on EGI in the EOSC ERA session.

The EOSC-hub project aims at developing a set of “rules of participation” that will define the minimum requirements for any provider to join as service provider in the EOSC-hub. These rules will cover technical (e.g. integration with EOSC-hub AAI), managerial (e.g. identify responsible contacts for service/security, define response times for requests) and financial (e.g. commitment to operate the service for a given period) aspects of the service. First draft will be made available within the next weeks and AGINFRA+ can act as a reviewer as an external provider.

AGINFRA+ was featured (during one of the topical sessions) as one of the Scientific Communities that are currently building domain-specific e-infrastructures in the context of various H2020 projects.

The other presentations covered NextGEOSS (Earth Observation), PhenoMeNal (Metabolomics) and MuG (Genomics). All the featured projects are building VREs for the researchers but varied in the degree of maturity and interaction with the infrastructure. AGINFRA+ stands out as the project with higher degree of integration with different e-Infrastructures and with a clear vision for the future of the EOSC.



The selected AGINFRA+ Use Cases will illustrate the benefits of applying the Science as a Service approach to pressing research questions from the corresponding research communities.


This community focuses on use cases aim to support the workflow of researchers, intermediaries and business analysts working on crop modelling, crop phenology estimation and yield forecasting, as well as related activities in the area of policy and decision support in food security, farm management advice and related activities.



This community focuses on use cases to support scientists in the multidisciplinary field of risk assessment and emerging risk identification as there is currently a strong need to create new technology-supported solutions that facilitate the knowledge integration processes relevant for these tasks.



This community focuses on use cases related to the high-throughput phenotyping large amount of data which need to be analyzed immediately for decision making. This aims to support phenomics researchers to select plant species and varieties which are the most adapted to specific environments and to global changes.


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