on 13 Dec 2019 8:24 PM

Augmenta Agriculture Technologies PC is one of the 6 (six) companies that participated in the AGINFRAplus Data Science Challenge ( It is a company based in Greece that has started its business activity less than 3 years ago.

Their mission is to put their device on the tractor of every farmer offering incomparably precise and fully automated application of farm inputs in an affordable, plug-and-play solution. Augmenta’s state of the art deep learning device helps farmers substantially increase their bottom-line by boosting yield, reducing day to day input spend, while at the same time enhancing the quality of the crops and protecting the environment. Their data science innovation is related to a camera-based system that is attached on top of every tractor. It uses 12 4k multispectral cameras to detect the health status of the plants as the farmer is moving along the field and processes all the data in 100% real-time, on the edge. Augmenta is able to process TB of data in every operation by using state of the art GPU's & CPU's that are embedded in the HW. The data science innovation is how they align, process and evaluate this huge stream of data in real-time, extracting valuable information and controlling the agricultural implements (sprayers or spreaders), to apply more or less of crop inputs (fertilizers, pesticides etc), based on the actual needs of the farm and not on average which is the norm today.

Augmenta, in order to power its innovation, is using publicly available data and executes some computationally demanding software algorithms. Moreover, they are using public or commercial cloud services to store and manage their data.

You can visit Augmenta website here

As was the case with all six companies that participated in the competition, it was decided that Augmenta receives the AGINFRAplus Extreme Computing Champion distinction.

This means that this company will be announced as one of the AGINFRAplus Lookouts and will be promoted through AGINFRAplus extensive international network. A digital badge will also be provided to Augmenta, which they may use to list this distinction at their web site, pitch deck or other promotional material.



The selected AGINFRA+ Use Cases will illustrate the benefits of applying the Science as a Service approach to pressing research questions from the corresponding research communities.


This community focuses on use cases aim to support the workflow of researchers, intermediaries and business analysts working on crop modelling, crop phenology estimation and yield forecasting, as well as related activities in the area of policy and decision support in food security, farm management advice and related activities.



This community focuses on use cases to support scientists in the multidisciplinary field of risk assessment and emerging risk identification as there is currently a strong need to create new technology-supported solutions that facilitate the knowledge integration processes relevant for these tasks.



This community focuses on use cases related to the high-throughput phenotyping large amount of data which need to be analyzed immediately for decision making. This aims to support phenomics researchers to select plant species and varieties which are the most adapted to specific environments and to global changes.


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