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Leonardo Candela


The Institute of Information Science and Technologies (CNR-ISTI) is located in Pisa, Italy, and its main mission is to producing scientific excellence and playing an active role in technology transfer. Part of the largest research institution in Italy (the National Research Council, or CNR), CNR-ISTI is organised in 16 technology centres or labs, each of them pursuing a well-defined set of scientific objectives. State-of-the-art technology development and training are other activities performed by the centres.


The team participating in this project belongs to the ‘Multimedia Networked Information System Laboratory’, which consists of 60 researchers and technicians conducting research and development of (i) software architectures and systems supporting data infrastructures and large distributed multimedia information systems and (ii) technologies for the management, distribution and fruition of multimedia and multi-type information and data. This team has a long experience in participating to many EU-funded projects relevant to the topics addressed in the AGINFRA+ proposal.


In particular, the team has coordinated from the scientific point of view the stream of projects DILIGENT-D4Science-D4ScienceII- EUBrazilOpenBio- iMarine that have played a central role in the definition and implementation of the D4Science Hybrid Data Infrastructure and of a set of enabling services tailored to meet basic data management and processing requirement of different scientific communities. Currently, this activity is being continued in the context of the BlueBRIDGE project.


The team has also co-ordinated/coordinates from the technical point of view the stream of projects DRIVER-DRIVERII-OpenAIRE-OpenAIREplus, and the most recent OpenAIRE2020. Other H2020 related projects the team is involved in are: ENVRIPlus, EGI_ENGAGE, SoBigData and PARTHENOS. It also participates in RDA-Europe project.


The selected AGINFRA+ Use Cases will illustrate the benefits of applying the Science as a Service approach to pressing research questions from the corresponding research communities.


This community focuses on use cases aim to support the workflow of researchers, intermediaries and business analysts working on crop modelling, crop phenology estimation and yield forecasting, as well as related activities in the area of policy and decision support in food security, farm management advice and related activities.



This community focuses on use cases to support scientists in the multidisciplinary field of risk assessment and emerging risk identification as there is currently a strong need to create new technology-supported solutions that facilitate the knowledge integration processes relevant for these tasks.



This community focuses on use cases related to the high-throughput phenotyping large amount of data which need to be analyzed immediately for decision making. This aims to support phenomics researchers to select plant species and varieties which are the most adapted to specific environments and to global changes.


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