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Lyubomir Penev


Pensoft Publishers is an SME specializing in academic book and journal publishing, software development, web design, dissemination and PR of science news. Since its foundation in 1992, Pensoft has published more than 1000 books and e-books. In 2014 the company launched a novel Open Access book (re-)publishing platform, Advanced Books. Pensoft is well known among academics worldwide with its technologically advanced peer-reviewed Open Access journals, such as ZooKeys, PhytoKeys, MycoKeys, Nature Conservation, NeoBiota, Comparative Cytogenetics.


The company is actively developing new tools, workflows and methods for text- and data publishing, dissemination of scientific information and technologies for semantic enrichment of articles’ content. As a part of the EU FP7 project ViBRANT, the company has developed innovative and globally unique online data- and text-integrated publishing platform, with an entirely XMLbased editorial workflow consisting of the collaborative manuscript authoring environment Pensoft Writing Tool (PWT) and the Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ). In 2015 this system was upgraded to the ARPHA Publishing Platform, and its associated ARPHA Writing Tool, to accommodate a few innovative journals, including Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO), One Ecosystem and BioDiscovery. Pensoft has also developed several tools for semantic publishing, such as the Pensoft Markup Tool (PMT), Pensoft Taxon Profile (PTP), Pensoft Wiki Concertor (PWC), the literature and data discovery tool


The company has been publishing and/or carrying out dissemination and communication for several EU projects, among which ALARM, MOTIVE, SCALES, BIOFORUM, MACIS, COCONUT, MACMAN, EURO-LIMPAKS, RUBICODE, pro-iBiosphere, STEP, BESAFE. Currently Pensoft’s staff is participating as a WP Leader in the FP7 projects IMPRESSIONS and EU BON and in the Horizon 2020 projects BIG4 and ESMERALDA. Pensoft is also involved as a dissemination partner in the BiodivERsA project STACCATO and H2020 project NanoFASE. The company also specializes in design and development of websites and communication platforms, as well as publishing of various outreach materials (flyers, leaflets, brochures).


Pensoft is actively looking to expand the subject-scope of its publishing towards open science publishing practices with the launch of Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) - an open science journal that publishes ALL research ideas & outcomes that constitute the research cycle, including: project proposals, data, methods, workflows, software, project reports and research articles. RIO uses a novel collaborative platform integrating manuscript authoring with the most transparent, and open and public peer-review process for publishing and dissemination. The scope of RIO encompasses all areas of academic research, including science, technology, humanities and the social sciences.


The selected AGINFRA+ Use Cases will illustrate the benefits of applying the Science as a Service approach to pressing research questions from the corresponding research communities.


This community focuses on use cases aim to support the workflow of researchers, intermediaries and business analysts working on crop modelling, crop phenology estimation and yield forecasting, as well as related activities in the area of policy and decision support in food security, farm management advice and related activities.



This community focuses on use cases to support scientists in the multidisciplinary field of risk assessment and emerging risk identification as there is currently a strong need to create new technology-supported solutions that facilitate the knowledge integration processes relevant for these tasks.



This community focuses on use cases related to the high-throughput phenotyping large amount of data which need to be analyzed immediately for decision making. This aims to support phenomics researchers to select plant species and varieties which are the most adapted to specific environments and to global changes.


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